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"A good editor doesn't rewrite words, she rewires synapses.” -- S. Kelley Harrell
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Whether you're submitting to a major publisher, querying agents, or planning to self-publish, a second pair of eyes is a must before letting that manuscript or partial out of your hands. Sure, the world loves a great story, but the world embraces a great, well-told story. That's where Excellence in Editing comes in.

Gina Ardito, Freelance Editor at Excellence in Editing, is a multi-published author, experienced with all aspects of publishing from traditional to small press to indie. She is a highly respected and sought-after contest judge and well-known workshop speaker. In 2012, Gina was named as a Woman of Outstanding Leadership in the field of Publishing by the International Women's Leadership Association for her commitment to career, family, and community.

What should you expect from an editor regarding your manuscript?

Correction of grammar/punctuation/typos
Suggestions for stronger word usage
Focus on story arc/plot points
Personal communication for you and your writing
Attention to consistency in characterization and story details
Education and clarification when needed

What should you expect from an editor regarding your business relationship?

Professional conduct
A clear and comprehensive contract

Click on the rates and testimonials pages for additional information and comments from some of her clients. For additional tips on grammar, punctuation, and shopping for an editor, be sure to check out her editing blog and bookmark the site for easy reference!

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